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Midwich Elementary Academy with Cheryl Mason from Dead by Daylight/Silent Hill Crossover

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On June 16, 2020, Behaviour Interactive appear its latest DLC (Downloadable Content), Affiliate 16 of its Dead by Daylight authorization (watch the trailer here). The latest affiliate is a accord with accession acclaimed adaptation abhorrence franchise, Silent Hill, originally appear 20 years ago. 

Over two decades afterwards the antecedent absolution of Silent Hill, developer Mathieu Côté, Bold Director for Behaviour Interactive, offered admirers a blink at Affiliate 16 of the adaptation abhorrence bold in accord with another well-known survival abhorrence authorization that will accept them agreeable with excitement. Behaviour Interactive fabricated the abruptness advertisement that Silent Hill was advancing to the hit abhorrence game.  

Once I heard the news, I could not accept been added aflame about the adventitious to comedy one of my favorites games, Dead by Daylight, with arguably two of the best iconic characters in survival-horror gaming history: Silent Hill’s iconic Cheryl Mason, and the psycho-killer, “Pyramid Head.” Forth with the two new characters, Affiliate 16 appearance a aboriginal map—Midwich Elementary School. Of course, a new DLC agency balloon and error–and nerfs. So, did the best contempo affiliate of Dead by Daylight alive up to the hype? Let’s take a look. 

Midwich Elementary Academy from Dead by Daylight/Silent Hill Crossover

Silent Hill 

As the affiliate opens, Harry Mason and his adopted daughter, Cheryl Mason, are alive through a alien breadth of America aback a ghostly apparition armament the car to bend off the road. As Harry regains consciousness, he realizes the car is a bones and Cheryl has gone missing. Dazed and confused, he staggers into the adjacent boondocks of Silent Hill, area his daydream absolutely begins. Midwich Elementary Academy is the aboriginal architecture Harry visits that undergoes the ‘Otherworld’ transition. In the Otherworld, Midwich is a abode of torment, covered in claret and despair. The charcoal of the asleep are scattered throughout the accursed school, declared by the developer as a “a amphitheatre of abominable horrors.” Midwich is an basic area in the aboriginal Silent Hill franchise, featured in the games, the blur and banana series. The map blends the Fog Apple and Otherworld aesthetics of the Silent Hill authorization into one location.

The crossover additionally appearance a accord amid artisan Akira Yamaoka, whose mix of aphotic ambient and automated music helped ascertain the atmosphere of Silent Hill, and artisan Michael F. April (Monster University, Trolls). Together, they developed a new Silent Hill-tinged version of Dead by Daylight’s aboriginal affair song.  

Fear of the dark 

Cheryl Mason, aforetime Heather Mason, from Dead by Daylight/Silent Hill Crossover

Introduced in Silent Hill 3, Heather Mason, additionally accepted as Cheryl Mason, is the aboriginal changeable advocate of the series. She is the reincarnation of Cheryl Mason, Alessa Gillespie and adoptive babe of the aboriginal Silent Hill advocate Harry Mason. Additionally, Cheryl was accepted as the reincarnation to accompany about the activation of ‘God’ and approved afterwards by the Order. Bristles years later, Harry and Cheryl/Heather were actuate and attacked by a affiliate of the Order, and Harry dead him in self-defense. Cheryl was renamed Heather to bandy the band off.

Later, she discovers her father, Harry Mason, 49, angled over in a chair, atrociously murdered by Claudia Wolf’s missionary, the baton of the Order and mother of Alessa Gillespie. Heather goes to Silent Hill actuality chased by the Order; she is afflicted to activity her way out of this daydream to seek vengeance. The caring and impulsive, Heather Mason, attempts to clean her activity afterwards her adoptive father’s adverse death. She eventually went aback to actuality alleged Cheryl and appeared in Shattered Memories as Cheryl Heather Mason, the absolute protagonist. Dead by Daylight’s newest affiliate reintroduces Cheryl Mason, who has freed herself from the religious band that pursued her aback birth. Now, she charge activity an abiding activity in the Entity’s realm.

Cheryl Mason, aforetime Heather Mason, Adeptness Set from Dead by Daylight/Silent Hill Crossover

Cheryl Mason’s Perks 

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Let us attending at Cheryl’s newest survivor perks. First, we accept Soul Guard. This grants adeptness aftereffect for a abbreviate time after actuality alive and allows the amateur to restore themself if their analgesic has a hex totem. Now, this is a perk that looks acceptable on paper. Still, in practice, you will be advantageous if it triggers already in your bout bisected of the account of Soul Guard is that its offers are relied on the analgesic alive a hex perk, and the adeptness aftereffect is abandoned advantageous if the killer’s adjacent aback you get revived. If the analgesic picks you up, as best killers do, afresh you will not get a adventitious to use this perk. This is probably Cheryl’s best perk, though, and while it is not bad, I would probably still want to run a perk that is added reliable like ‘Unbreakable.’   

Up abutting is ‘Blood pact.’ This allows you and the ‘Obsession’ to see anniversary other’s auras. It additionally grants a baby movement accession for both players aback either of them heals one another. While actuality able to see your teammate’s ambience is useful, this perk does accept some problems. The acceleration accession it offers generally will not be accessible aback you will be healing your assistant far abroad from the killer. The perk only triggers aback one of you is injured, which makes me admiration – why not aloof use the ‘Empathy’ perk? The ‘Bloodpact’ becomes abortive if: the ‘Obsession’ dies, you are the ‘Obsession,’ or nobody’s alive ‘Obsession’ perks. If I appetite to accumulate clue of my teammates, there are abundant bigger options. 

 For our last perk, it is ‘Repressed Alliance.’ Afterwards alive on a architect for a minute, this perk gives you the adeptness to block it from the analgesic and your allies. I accept acclimated it beneath than a scattering of times for the abounding matches I accept played as her. This prevents the architect from accident advance so it can adverse furnishings like Hex: Ruin. However, blocking the gen could backlash if one of your teammates are adjacent absent to adjustment it. Also, there’s abandoned a scattering of scenarios area you would appetite to lock a generator. Typically, abandoned aback the analgesic has ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ or ‘Hex: Ruin’ would you appetite to defended it. Added than those scenarios, I cannot anticipate of any added affidavit to accouter this over commodity else. 

Pyramid Head, ‘The Executioner’ from Dead by Daylight/Silent Hill Crossover

Pyramid Arch is arguably the most iconic appearance of the Silent Hill franchise’s and absolutely possibly the best advancing of all survivor-horrors genres and the history of the video bold industry. Created for Silent Hill 2 by monster artisan Masahiro Ito, his immense acceptance advance to him acceptable a alternating appearance in the franchise. His aboriginal architecture was a appearance of Silent Hill 2’s protagonist, James Sutherland’s close thoughts and fears. He is apparent throughout Silent Hill 2, stalking James. Accepted as several altered names, such as ‘Triangle Head,’ ‘Red Pyramid,’ or ‘The Boogeyman’ – he remains most accepted as Pyramid Head, which has maintained canon. Pyramid Arch wears a blood-soaked butcher’s smock amid his ashen skin. His best outstanding feature, and what gives his name, is a large, red, triangular helmet that absolutely covers his head. He wears white gloves, which affection accessory fingers. Finally, Pyramid Arch is accepted to apply a absolute failing extra or his best acclaimed weapon, the Abundant Knife.  

Pyramid Arch joins Dead by Daylight’s lineup of killers, which includes a array of aboriginal and accountant bad guys like ‘Amanda Young/The Pig’ from ‘Saw,’ The ‘Demogorgon’ from ‘Stranger Things,’ and ‘Michael Myers’ from ‘Halloween.’ Pyramid Arch has stepped into the fog to accomplish his angry duty. He is accepted as ‘The Executioner’ in Dead by Daylight and wields his brand abundant blade, the Abundant Knife.  

Pyramid Head, ‘The Executioner’ Adeptness Set from Dead by Daylight/Silent Hill Crossover

The Executioner’s Power: Rites of Judgement 

Press and authority the Adeptness button to activate. Already activated, move in any administration to carve a aisle into the ground. Absolution the button to accomplishment carving. Survivors who airing or run on the aisle will actuate Analgesic Instinct and be afflicted with Torment. Survivors beneath the aftereffect of Affliction may be beatific to a Cage of Amends by The Executioner while they are in the dying state. 

The Executioner’s Perks: 

Let us actuate by attractive at The Executioner’s attributes. He has the accepted 32-meter alarm ambit and movement acceleration of best killers, which is abundant because, in the Silent Hill games, he was a apathetic brute. But his adeptness is area things get interesting. There are four apparatus to his skills, so let us go over anniversary one. First, Rites of Judgement allows Pyramid Arch to carve trenches into the ground. These trails aftermost for 75 abnormal by absence and lower the killer’s movement acceleration by 5% while walking. Survivors who angle in these trails will accept their ambience apparent to the analgesic and be afflicted by ‘torment,’ a new debuff that allows the analgesic to instantly accelerate downed survivors to a “hook,” or in this case, a Cage of Atonement. This ample cage will not actuate survivor or killer perks that are based on hooks. It instead speeds up the sacrificing process, which agency no ‘Borrowed Time’ and no ‘Decisive strike,’ authoritative these cages added alarming than accepting absorbed usually. 

One affair to accumulate in apperception about this artisan is that players who are beatific to Cage of Amends will consistently spawn on the added end of the map, so hopefully, your survivors will accomplish it beyond in time. Knowing this will let you get into a position to deliver them faster. You can abstain accepting beatific to cages by alienated ‘Torment.’ You can anticipate affliction (spoiler alive coming) by abject over Pyramid Head’s trails and extenuative an accessory who is in a cage of their own. He can end chases faster by casting a blazon of vertical shockwave. This adeptness has an 8-meter ambit and can canyon through obstacles. However, it does accept a abbreviate cleanup time, consumes some of your adeptness gauges, and has a cooldown whether you hit or miss. The last component of his power, Final Judgement, allows him to assassinate survivors who are addled and on their aftermost hook. So, that’s Pyramid Head’s power, but what about his perks?  

First, ‘Forced Penance’ afflicts survivors with the ‘Broken’ cachet aftereffect aback they booty a hit for an ally. This is probably Pyramid Head’s worst perk. If you hunt the amateur with the ‘Broken’ cachet effect, they cannot alleviate anyhow because you are block them. If you go afterwards the amateur they protected, they can assignment on a architect and delay for it to expire, aback they know you’re chasing accession abroad and won’t feel the charge to heal immediately.  

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His second perk, ‘Trail of Torment,’ allows him to become ‘Undetectable’ afterwards blame a generator. This perk is bigger than his aftermost but still underwhelming. While it can let you bolt survivors by surprise, it has a connected cooldown and an about counter-intuitive check of absolute the architect you bang to all survivors, putting them on aerial alive for a bastard attack.  

Finally, his last perk, ‘Deathbound,’ causes survivors to scream and become ‘Oblivious’ whenever they alleviate an accessory 32 meters abroad from the killer. This is probably his best perk, as it lets him locate two survivors by the scream and bastard up one survivor who’s ‘Oblivious.’ There are two drawbacks to this perk, though. The aboriginal is that they charge be 32 meters away, which is not usually a botheration aback survivors tend to alleviate abandoned aback they are far from the killer. The additional affair is that if the survivor self-heals, this perk will not activate. But affair these altitude is not too hard, and I do anticipate the perk will see some use. Overall, I do like Pyramid Head’s new analgesic power. It is not a archetype of annihilation Dead by Daylight currently has for the added killers. It is unique, and it has assorted means you can use it, but it adeptness be a tad bit overpowered. I accept a able feeling Pyramid Arch adeptness get nerfed soon, but we shall see. Behaviour Interactive can be a bit apathetic on authoritative changes, abnormally aback the DLC aloof dropped. Overall, the altitude to actuate the adeptness makes sense, survivors accept a counterplay, and the analgesic himself is artlessly a abhorrence icon.  

The Bitter Season 

Despite all its able points, the newest Silent Hill chapter does accept a few annoyances that accomplish the bold complicated and pricey. You can adopt, no pun intended, three altered apparel for Cheryl Mason. For her first, allegorical bark – you will be able to about-face Cheryl into apprentice assistant Lisa Garland. Lisa is not a cogent appearance in the series, but she is one of the best alternating characters in the franchise, actualization in bristles Silent Hill games. Who is an absolutely altered role than Cheryl – accomplished touch Behaviour. This guise changes the absolute character literally from Cheryl to Lisa. That is the aboriginal I accept apparent from Dead by Daylight. Second, Alessa Gillespie, who is still Cheryl, aback Alessa, Heather, and Cheryl is, technically, the aforementioned character. Third and fourth apparel affection Cheryl’s ‘Moving On’ and ‘Starting Over’ costumes, which seems to reference Silent Hill 3 aback she absolute her hair blonde from bistered while alteration her name aback to Cheryl afterwards Harry died. It was hasty to see almost a handful of Cheryl’s altered versions from the initial release of the DLC. As for Pyramid Head, there is abandoned one atypical accouterments you can purchase; again, you cannot altering accouterments pieces.  

Let us get into what grinds my gears, and it has annihilation to do with a generator. All the alternating apparel that are appear are awash amid $8.00 – $15.00. That is antic to me, abnormally aback the DLC abandoned costs $6.99. I accept the acumen abaft it, business is business, but apparel should not bulk that much, alike afore the DLC. I apperceive Dead by Daylight most acceptable cannot allow changeable accouterment styles due to licensing affidavit authoritative things possibly more expensive. Still, I can abide abandoned so abundant basic gain, but that is a claimed problem. This is advisedly disconnected to force players to absorb added money – duh, but sixty percent added for practically every outfit than the bulk of both characters, and the map accumulated is a little obnoxious. I feel that the acumen abaft the appraisement allotment actuality acutely college than the absolute DLC is that Cheryl and The Executioner are absurd to accept new apparel anytime anon or afterwards this release. Either Konami accountant this agreeable to the developers because they are greedy, or the developers at Behaviour are acceptable greedier. Thus, they are advisedly abbreviation artefact affection to force consumers to absorb more.  

Additionally, Midwich Elementary Academy appears to be the better map in the game. With 4 of 5 levels of apartment and an alfresco bewilderment arena. The map itself is astonishing, and the abundant assignment that the artisan and developers put into it is remarkable. Surviving the map seems to be added complicated aback it appears to be more committed to the killer’s ancillary to win. Pyramid Head’s one and only saving grace comes from his accessory power, area he drags his brand into the amphitheatre and creates trenches through Midwich. The attenuated hallways advice him out a little too much. Do not get me wrong, it is absurd and alarming as hell, but I feel, again, that he may be nerfed in the abutting amend or two. Especially, if you go assimilate the forums, survivor mains are bent at the developers to rework pyramid arch because they see this as too strong. 

Overall, I am ever afflicted with Affiliate 16. Well done, Behaviour Interactive. I cannot delay to see what you do next. The developer managed to abduction the appearance of Silent Hill, with the atmosphere, music, and animations to accomplish it still feel like a Dead by Daylight game. I do achievement to see a  Resident Evil  affiliate one day.  

Pyramid Head, ‘The Executioner’ and Cheryl Mason Affiliate 16 DLC from Dead by Daylight/Silent Hill … [ ] Crossover

Dead End

Dead by Daylight’s Chapter 16, DLC brings aback the cornball abhorrence we all acquainted aback advertent Silent Hill. Every akin of the Silent Hill in this DLC acquainted adored with hidden Easter eggs and references to the Silent Hill franchise. At the alpha of anniversary Silent Hill accompanying match, you can apprehend the nostalgic Silent Hill siren – again, accomplished blow Behaviour. The acquaintance the bold brings is altered and not a beating off nor repetitive compared to the added chapters. The Analgesic and abstraction of his adeptness to spawn Silent Hill into the Entity’s world, acceptance those who become addled from his abundant knife to abatement into the earth, afresh spawn in his cage of atonement, was a absurd add-on. It was a much-needed change that I would adulation to see use in the approaching or alike antecedent killers. Pyramid arch is an arty force that can do an cutting bulk of damage, if acclimated correctly, who stands out to be such a abundant accession to this game.

As for Cheryl Mason, I accept she was a appropriate addition. I would accept abundant rather accept apparent James Sutherland added into the mix than her, abnormally aback his abode were alien afterwards Silent Hill 2. It would accept fabricated his connected adventure added agitative as he faces Pyramid Arch afresh as both are brought into the Entity’s branch to reface and (hopefully) beat his aphotic half. Midwich Elementary Academy is air-conditioned yet beautiful, thought-provoking, and the music and sounds were rigorous. The complete furnishings abandoned were added than abundant to accomplish me feel afraid a ample bulk of times. Affiliate 16, Silent Hill, is artistically addictive and succeeds in creating an abashing atmosphere that was acceptable and cornball for me as I achievement for others. Added than the survivor choice, I could not accept been happier with Silent Hill Chapter 16 DLC.

Dead by Daylight appear the Silent Hill edition with two added chapters; The Oni and the Deathslinger chapter, which I awful acclaim purchasing if you accept not. Finally, the Legion analgesic was accustomed a new bark for ‘Robby the Rabbit’ from the Silent Hill franchise. He is a amulet that is looked at as an Easter egg during the Silent Hill games. It comes with all the accretion and whistles that I mentioned previously. You can see all the new outfits here. Overall, you can acquaint Behaviour Interactive has some big Silent Hill admirers at their aggregation as the accomplishment put into this affiliate is fantastic. The Dead by Daylight/Silent Hill chapter is now rolling out to PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile.  

Dead by Daylight has added than 10 actor alive players as of June 14, 2020, beyond all platforms, globally. Aback 2016, the 4v1 multiplayer abhorrence bold has accustomed abhorrence icons from TV, movies, and now added abhorrence authorization video games. Affiliate 16, Silent Hill, launched to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, for $6.99. For added advice on the new Dead by Daylight killer, Cheryl, Pyramid Head, and added updates, appointment the official site here.

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See you in the fog.

Platform: PC (Reviewed)

Publisher: Behaviour Interactive

Gameplay – 4/5

Aesthetics & Architecture -5/5

Sound Furnishings & Soundtrack -5/5

Performance – 5/5. I am currently application the AMD Radeon VII

I did not run into any affiliation issues.

Overall Rating – 4.8/5

Moor Insights & Strategy’s video bold and tech analyst Zane Pickett lives in Austin, Texas. He is a lover of all things cerebral abhorrence and Star Wars based, while possessing an ailing ability of consecutive killers and Kingdom Hearts. Aback not writing, he works as Moor Insights & Strategy’s Operation’s Manager.

Note: Moor Insights & Strategy writers and editors may accept contributed to this article. 

Disclosure: Moor Insights & Strategy, like all assay and analyst firms, provides or has provided paid research, analysis, advising, or consulting to abounding high-tech companies in the industry, including Amazon.com, Advanced Micro Devices, Apstra, ARM Holdings, Aruba Networks, AWS, A-10 Strategies, Bitfusion, Cisco Systems, Dell, Dell EMC, Dell Technologies, Diablo Technologies, Digital Optics, Dreamchain, Echelon, Ericsson, Foxconn, Frame, Fujitsu, Gen Z Consortium, Glue Networks, GlobalFoundries, Google, HP Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei Technologies, IBM, Intel, Interdigital, Jabil Circuit, Konica Minolta, Lattice Semiconductor, Lenovo, Linux Foundation, MACOM (Applied Micro), MapBox, Mavenir, Mesosphere, Microsoft, National Instruments, NetApp, NOKIA, Nortek, NVIDIA, ON Semiconductor, ONUG, OpenStack Foundation, Panasas, Peraso, Pixelworks, Plume Design, Portworx, Pure Storage, Qualcomm, Rackspace, Rambus, Rayvolt E-Bikes, Red Hat, Samsung Electronics, Silver Peak, SONY, Springpath, Sprint, Stratus Technologies, Symantec, Synaptics, Syniverse, TensTorrent, Tobii Technology, Twitter, Unity Technologies, Verizon Communications, Vidyo, Wave Computing, Wellsmith, Xilinx, Zebra, which may be cited in this article.

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