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He’s a Bible-quoting hippie dad, a 6-foot-2 kaleidoscope of colors, layers and bewitched beard.

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She’s a assuming 4-foot-11 bedrock ‘n’ roller, all tattoos, bobcat patterns and jet-black hair.

He lives with his wife and three kids in their St. Paul home. She’s distinct in a active abode in burghal Minneapolis.

Nicholas David and Kat Perkins assume to accept about as abundant in accepted as mystical rocker Ancestor John Misty and pop assertive Lady Gaga. But David and Perkins are indelibly affiliated — Minnesotans who won the hearts of America on NBC’s “The Voice” and again became bankable stars in their home state.

Several singers from the breadth accept fabricated abysmal runs on “The Voice” and “American Idol,” but alone David and Perkins accept acclimated endemic as a springboard to an constant agreeable career. They get alleged to sing the civic canticle at antic events, banderole alms galas and absorb in clubs and concert halls. They accept remained domiciliary names in the Acreage of 10,000 Bands.

Veteran Twin Cities artisan Paul Peterson knows what sets them afar from added accomplished choir on TV competitions. “It’s a assignment belief and a personality thing,” says the bandleader, who has assassin both of them. “Kat is a frigging bedrock powerhouse. Super-confident. She’s a go-getter. Nick is super-soulful, a absolutely acceptable keyboardist and guitarist. He knows who he is. That’s a big articulation in a big package. Kat is a big articulation in a bunched package.”

Although David and Perkins are carefully connected, they accept duetted alone already — in 2014 at a children’s alms account at the Depot in Minneapolis.

The two singers met years ago, continued afore “The Voice” was alike on the air. “The Bedrock bistro in Maplewood,” recalls Perkins, 38. “You were in Scarlet Haze,” says David, 39, “and I was in the Feelin’ or Nick the Feelin’. I don’t apperceive how freakin’ continued ago that was. Maybe 2006 or ’05.”

After the chiefly soulful David crooned his way to third abode on “The Voice” in 2012, Perkins didn’t seek any admonition aback she approved out for that actualization the abutting year. In fact, Perkins, who had gotten bounced during a 2003 “American Idol” tryout, didn’t acquaint anybody she was auditioning for “The Voice.” But the apple absolutely knew aback she rocked to the final bristles in 2014. Perkins and David reconnected afterward. Now aback they get calm infrequently, it is like long-lost aerial academy classmates.

First things first, during a collective account this spring, they aggregate their COVID-19 scares that accountable them to self-isolate. Perkins played a accumulated gig in New Orleans breadth association activated absolute for the atypical coronavirus; the show’s sponsors put the accompanist and her bandage on a clandestine jet aback to Minneapolis. David’s acknowledgment home wasn’t about as efficient. He was in Belgium, arena with dejection guitarist Samantha Fish. Aback the bung was pulled, they headed to Amsterdam, flew to Moscow, again to New York, Detroit and assuredly MSP. Upon his return, David accomplished his ancestors while he abandoned abandoned at home.

Get Perkins and David together, and they will acquaint you about aggregate you appetite to apperceive about “The Voice” except, well, what allotment their assets added afterward.

“Significantly,” Perkins says succinctly. “I’m alive harder than I anytime accept in my accomplished life. I wouldn’t breach it bottomward alternate because it would not complete great.”

The usually affecting David agreed afterwards giving specifics. “I feel adored I can augment my ancestors with the ability God gave me,” he says. “It’s appear with years and years of adamantine work, determination, struggle, strife, pain, sweat, absolutely tears of joy and sadness. It’s as it should be.”

David and Perkins abundant on added capacity — from watching “The Voice” these canicule (no, they’re too busy) to experiencing aegis issues (she’s been cyber-stalked, he’s had women accomplish passes at him alike aback “my mom was abutting to me affairs merch”).

Left Kat Perkins performs on division six of “The Voice.” Appropriate Nicholas David performs on division three of “The Voice.”

Top Kat Perkins performs on division six of “The Voice.” Bottom Nicholas David performs on division three of “The Voice.”

How generally do you get accustomed in absolute life?

Kat Perkins: Every distinct day. We angle out a little bit, aboriginal of all. I was aloof in a grocery abundance with a affectation and a hat and got recognized. What concluded up accident is I begin the new abnormal. We formed all our lives to accept that affectionate of recognition, and it makes it OK and account it.

Nicholas David: Abnormally aback I’m with my kids and my wife, bodies admit her from the show. Alike aback the actualization was like two, three years later, bodies would be like, “Is she pregnant? Did she accept the baby?” It’s a absolution and a curse, to be honest. I’m like a ancestor buck and accumulate clandestine with my kids.

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How did you feel about not activity added on the show?

KP: I had such alloyed feelings. Activity all the way to fourth, I got affronted in the aboriginal 48 hours. I’m competitive. I’m a Capricorn. I capital to win. Aback I alternate home, I acquainted like I won. Honestly, I’m not abiding I could accept taken one added anniversary of that. My articulation was tired. My apperception was tired. It was the best I could do with what I had at that moment.

ND: I was accomplished with third. I couldn’t accept I was on the danged affair from the beginning. Like Kat said, you redefine winning. Again it’s what you do with it: Are you adventurous abundant to beating on doors?

Did you anticipate it would advance to a above almanac contract?

ND: On our season, I was automatically active to UMG [Universal Music Group]. But I got out of it. Yes, it’s music; but you abstruse [about] the music business on all levels. Some of it’s been ouchies. I got hurt. My assurance has been damaged a little bit on this journey. I angry bottomward almanac deals because I capital to own my own music.

KP: I was advantageous to accept gone through abundant of that afore “The Voice.” I went through two almanac deals, one in Nashville aback I was 19 and one with a accessory of Warner Music in Los Angeles with my bandage Scarlet Haze. I had had the ouchies. I had my attorneys get me out of the UMG accord with “The Voice.”

Did you get paid for actualization on “The Voice”?

KP: At a assertive point, they accomplish you accompany the union, SAG-AFTRA. We got abutment rate. It’s aloof peanuts. And again we got residuals, sometimes for like a dollar sixty. But you cede financially. They accord you a cabin allowance and a per diem. But you could not pay your cellphone bill or your hire aback home. My division took up a solid six months of my time, and it took the bigger allotment of a year afore we filmed live. It was a continued time to cede my income, but account it in the end.

ND: Our freeholder put the abode for auction [while David was cutting “The Voice”]. My wife was pregnant. I had to move out of the house, apple-pie the abode so I absent a bells gig [in the Twin Cities] and had to fly out to Hollywood. The aboriginal time I absolved in my new abode I had “The Voice” camera aggregation on me.

What’s your best admired account from the show?

ND: The memories, snakeskin boots and a car. I won a car [as a top three finisher]. I can’t accuse about that. I had to pay taxes on it. My wife had a antic that we’d never be able to get an auto on a musician’s salary. We’re still active that car.

KP: The friendships I made. They’re appealing accursed priceless. Boots are my additional best admired item. I got the coolest shoes and one of the coolest jackets I still wear. I accept absolutely baby feet, so they gave me all of the shoes I anytime wore on the show. And a faculty of style. The beard and architecture acquaint I abstruse were priceless.

Did you feel assort actuality from the Midwest?

KP: The ratings in this area, all the way bottomward to Missouri, were super-duper aerial on my season. I anticipate they appetite addition from this area, abnormally in the winter season. Bodies are algid and they’re watching TV.

ND: I was the bearded, glasses guy. I saw my actualization pop up in added seasons afterwards that.

KP: There was absolutely a dark-haired rocker banty lane they abounding on my season. We accept to bethink it’s a casted television show.

When was the aftermost time you talked to anyone from the show?

KP: I accumulate up in absolutely abutting acquaintance with my beautician Jerilynn [Stephens]. There are three contestants from my year I accumulate in blow with, and I still accept admission to [her coach] Adam Levine. I don’t accept his absolute cardinal but I accept his assistant’s number. Whenever Adam is in boondocks [with Maroon 5], I get to go backstage. Aftermost time we had beer and sushi. I consistently accord ability to his kids. That’s a absolute affiliation I have.

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ND: I accumulate up with Paul Mirkovich, the music director, and some of the contestants. Cee Lo [Green, his coach] letters me on holidays.

It’s time for the battle-round competition: Nicholas’ scarves vs. Kat’s tattoos? Who wins?

KP: Ha, ha, ha. Not that I’m counting, but I accept 52.

ND: You accept 52 tattoos? I anticipate I ability accept that abounding scarves, to be honest. I have, like, two drawers abounding of scarves. They’re altered kinds. Like the pashmina ones and the added ones. Dude, it ability be a draw. Fifty-two tats! That’s appealing amazing.

KP: I covered one up. It was my aboriginal boom anytime and aback we started seeing ourselves on television with the actuality we’d taped, I was like: “Kat, you attending so 1999.” So I ran to the boom boutique and covered it up.

ND: Dude, how abounding added do you anticipate you’re activity to get?

KP: I accept affairs for at atomic four.

ND: Do you anticipate you’ll hit a hundred?

KP: Oh, yeah. With my accomplished aback actuality abandoned appropriate now, there’s a aerial adventitious that I will. I adulation art on my body. I don’t accept it on my walls. I aloof put it on my body. It stays with me everywhere back I biking a lot.

If you recorded a affiliation together, what song would you do?

ND: That’s a acceptable catechism ’cause that could apparently about-face into reality.

KP: I feel like we should do our own adaptation of “Islands in the Stream.” Kenny and Dolly.

ND: Oh dude, that would be deece. My associate in Wisconsin — Minnesota East — coined a byword “deece” [it rhymes with peace]. It’s absolutely hip. If it’s bigger than good, it’s deece.

Kat Perkins, with guitarist Eric Warner, performed a pop up concert for the ancestors she acclimated to assistant for afore her actualization on The Voice. Photo by Jeff Wheeler.

On a airy April day, Kat Perkins alternate to the cardinal actuality in her activity — Emma Keller, the 5-year-old who appropriate that her singing assistant audience for “The Voice.” The accompanist pulled up in advanced of the Keller ancestors home in Edina for a abruptness pop-up communicable achievement for the now 13-year-old’s birthday.

“Emma, the aboriginal year I was nannying you,” Perkins reminisced, “on your birthday, I fabricated you a appropriate mac and cheese. Aback aback I alone knew how to accomplish mac and cheese.”

From the bed of her agleam atramentous auto truck, Perkins belted altogether greetings in advanced of Emma’s ancestors and 20-some amusing break neighbors and their dogs. She angry on the personality and ability as if she were assuming for 15,000, like aback her bandage opened for Bon Jovi at Target Center in 2005. Then, for 45 minutes, Perkins displayed her perfect-for-all-occasions versatility — from Heart’s “Barracuda” and Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” to the aboriginal “Life Is Good.”

Emma is appropriate to Perkins. Afterwards the singer/actress had anaplasty for a cyst on her articulate cord, she bare to acquisition a new way to accomplish a active for the time being. So, she became a nanny. While she cared for Emma and her four earlier siblings, they watched “The Voice,” acclaim for a Twin Cities adversary alleged Nicholas David. That’s aback the little one appropriate Perkins audition.

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This year, with acoustic guitarist Eric Warner, Perkins undertook a ad-lib COVID-19 alive barter tour, accomplishing curbside concerts — and singing telegrams. Those performances became her fallback from her accepted slate of 100 concerts — including performances for U.S. troops away — as able-bodied as her anniversary nonprofit Rising Star Foundation summer affected for aggressive singers, appearances for Livea weight ascendancy and common motivational speeches.

In 2014, Perkins started speaking to schools of all levels, whether about blowing or actuality assured in following of your dreams.

“Off camera, Adam Levine alone helped me ascertain this chat I’m talking about today — that is fearless,” Perkins told 130 bodies at Ohio University this bounce via Zoom. Back she was carper herself on “The Voice,” Levine appropriate she attending up the analogue of fear. She abstruse alike added afterwards account Gavin de Becker’s book “The Gift of Fear.” Perkins again concluded her allocution with her alarming ability ballad, the appropriately blue-blooded “Fearless.”

Whether she’s speaking to acceptance or accumulated gatherings, Kathy Perkins shares her activity story, from growing up in tiny Scranton, N.D., the babe of a abbey organist mom and music abecedary dad. The audacious boyhood collection to Minneapolis as a aerial academy chief to audience with actors from all over the country for the high-profile Medora Musical, a summerlong anniversary in North Dakota. Not alone did the self-taught actress/dancer acreage a Medora role for several years but that led to a five-year run in “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” at Hey City Amphitheater in Minneapolis.

Her amphitheater accomplishments seeps into her speeches and performances, abnormally her anniversary affectionate of banal but comfortable alone Christmas bout with her ancestor in the bandage cutting his “Feliz Navi Dad” sweater.

Ever ambitious, Perkins keeps bridge things off her brazier list. She’s articulate “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a Vikings bold (she has division tickets) and catholic to all 50 states. Now she wants to buy a house, accomplish annal in assorted genres and banderole the alarm at her admired Minnesota Accompaniment Fair. Maybe administration the bill with Nicholas David.

Nicholas David performed with the “Twin Cities Funk & Soul” all-star aggregation during the aboriginal night of the Current 8th altogether anniversary at Aboriginal Ave in 2013. Photo by Kyndell Harkness.

Words amount to Nicholas David. So do acceptance and family. Music and sports. And all things Disney. He can go abysmal on abounding subjects.

Like accepting acceptance in his journey.

“You’ve got to try things. One of the things I never anticipation of aggravating was ‘The Voice,’ ” says David, whose annotation abettor apprenticed him to audition. “I don’t watch abundant TV, and all of a abrupt to be on TV in Hollywood? I was alert to classical Indian music at the time; I didn’t apperceive who was popular. I had to assurance in the adventure — and it keeps unfolding.”

The bearded, bespectacled and generally barefoot accompanist has been all over the apple aggravating to acquisition his path. Afterwards admission from Eagan Aerial School, he angry bottomward a applesauce articulate scholarship to Chicago’s Roosevelt University and spent bristles years in Colorado, allure in the mountains and assimilation up ability about Jack Kerouac, Ram Dass and Eastern philosophy. In his 20s, he started activity on bashful Jesuit retreats with his ancestor (“life was loud, with thoughts about agnosticism and regret”).

After growing up devoutly Catholic, he advised added religions, visiting assorted houses of adoration in the Twin Cities. Alike aback he was on “The Voice,” he discussed adherence with uber-TV ambassador Mark Burnett, who was again alive on “The Bible” miniseries.

Having explored abounding means to accomplish himself “a calmer, added peaceful person,” David is autograph a book about God. “I appetite to allotment this airy map, if you will,” he says.

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter charcoal focused on ancestors and music. Afore the communicable hit, he was on bout with dejection guitarist Samantha Fish and the Devon Allman Project (led by the son of Gregg Allman). He met them aback aperture for the brand of the BoDeans, Avett Brothers and Rusted Root. Fish gave him an befalling to accomplish his latest album, 2019’s “Yesterday’s Gone,” for her Wild Heart imprint.

Recording in New Orleans sparked David to appear up with a new mantra: “Yazzur.” He peppers that appealing byword into his performances aloof the way he alone “hey now” on “The Voice” and afterwards “c’mon” into his alive gigs.

Inspired by his grandfathers (one a beheld artist, the added an accordionist), Nick Mrozinski was consistently absorbed in the arts — drawing, autograph balladry and arena piano, starting at age 8. His mom accomplished he had a able articulation aback she overheard the boyish football, basketball and clue amateur singing forth to a abominable Alice in Chains almanac in his bedroom. In aerial school, he belted the civic canticle in his football uniform. Afterwards a academy cruise to Broadway anchored his adulation of musicals, he juggled acting in his aerial academy agreeable with punting duties on the gridiron.

With a few of his football teammates, the singer-keyboardist formed a bedrock bandage alleged Felix Feelin’, arena “head-tinglin’ feet-jinglin’ ” music. That becoming him the appellation “the Feelin.’ ”

Under assorted monikers, David has appear new music every year back 2005. He aloof alone a new single, “Waiting.” Among his added endeavors is the account music actualization on KFAI association radio that he’s had back 2018, the all-embracing “East of Here and West of Now,” with co-host Jackson Buck.

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Never shy about furthering his journey, David aspires to “doing article with Disney and autograph a musical.” But his goals are both abstract and mundane: “Try to be a bigger bedmate and ancestor and son and brother and friend. I’m aggravating to be added proactive than reactive. I’d adulation to apprentice how to do a [recording] flat a little better. And aloof try to accumulate the atom and to break accessible abundant to dream.”

Jon Bream has been a music analyzer at the Star Tribune back 1975, authoritative him the longest tenured pop analyzer at a U.S. circadian newspaper. He has abounding added than 8,000 concerts and accounting four books (on Prince, Led Zeppelin, Neil Diamond and Bob Dylan). Thus far, he has abandoned readers’ suggestions that he booty a music-appreciation class.

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