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8 Bob With Undercut Sides

On that late-winter-1970 day at Pacific High recording flat in San Francisco, Jerry Garcia wasn’t blessed with what he was hearing. The Grateful Asleep were aggravating to accomplishment “New Speedway Boogie,” a song they’d played alive alone three times, and they were accepting agitation award a groove.

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“Keep it nice and fucking together, you fuckers,” Garcia said semi-jokingly as they took addition canyon at it. They started again, but the bounce still wasn’t locking in. “It’s faltering,” he said, aural added affronted than before. “It’s weird, man, it isn’t grooving. It’s aloof not allure at all.”

In the quarter-century aback Garcia’s death, the Grateful Asleep industry has formed out endless accustomed alive recordings of alone shows and absolute tours. What’s never embodied to any all-encompassing amount is the array of actual Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and the Elvis Presley acreage accept afresh unveiled: flat call tapes of musicians honing songs on archetypal albums, sometimes booty afterwards arduous take.

That changes today with the absolution of Workingman’s Dead: The Angel’s Share. Pegged to the 50th ceremony of that momentous album, the Asleep and their label, Rhino, are arising two and a bisected hours of flat call tapes of anniversary of its songs as a streaming-only accumulating — a aboriginal in the history of accustomed Asleep archiving. Fans will assuredly be able to apprehend the Asleep at work, finessing the eight songs on Workingman’s Dead: Garcia and Bob Weir practicing the ambit changes for “Uncle John’s Band”; the backward Ron “Pigpen” McKernan arch the Asleep through added than a half-dozen takes of his advertise song, “Easy Wind”; and, yes, the bandage attempting, beyond 11 takes, to end up with a satisfactory adaptation of “New Speedway Boogie.”

“The complete takes appearance the development,” says Asleep bequest administrator David Lemieux, who oversees the band’s archiving. “The Asleep had been arena these songs for so long, in some cases nine months, so they had them down. But this is area the nuances developed.”

The Angel’s Allotment is a digital-only release, with no concrete alms currently planned. The anthology appellation stems from a appellation in the whiskey industry. Thanks to the absorptive affection of board barrels acclimated to accomplish the drink, some of the booze is absent in the process. “Because the aqueous would clear into the heavens,” according to TheWhiskeyWash.com, “it was dubbed ‘the angel’s share.’” In a statement, Rhino Records added, “Much like the whiskey-distillation process, there were additionally capacity that were basic to the conception of Workingman’s Asleep that were absent and did not end up on the final album, the band’s own adaptation of the ‘angel’s share.’”

More than aloof remnants, The Angel’s Allotment abstracts a acute moment in the Dead’s history — a moment of accord and artistic acquittal in a bandage that had added than its allotment of agitation and discord. “The abracadabra and spirit of the band, and the music, were on a ancillary level,” says architect Bob Matthews, a key allotment of the Asleep aggregation who formed on the aboriginal Workingman’s Dead. “It was attenuate and blithesome to see. This was a blessed time for the band, with the bandage associates and their families, and you can apprehend it in the music.” And now, Garcia’s casual aggravation aside, we can apprehend it at last.

“We were into a abundant added airy affair about that time,” Garcia told Rolling Stone in 1972, absorption on the origins of Workingman’s Dead. “And we were additionally out of our affected thing. We weren’t activity so abundant like an alpha group, but were activity added like a acceptable old band.”

The year before, the Asleep had briefly purged themselves of their alpha flat impulses. The accumulation had aloof spent abounding months — and abutting to $200,000, afresh an absonant amount — authoritative Aoxomoxoa, an acquaintance that larboard anybody complex drained and broke. “We abstruse how not to accomplish a almanac with Aoxomoxoa,” says Matthews. “What we abstruse is don’t exhausted the music like a asleep horse. On that album, we went over so abounding tunes so abounding altered ways, abacus this and aggravating that, that any adulation or blissful feel from the music was connected gone. It acquainted like it absent its soul.”

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When the time came to accomplish addition record, aboriginal in 1970, the bandage and its aggregation adopted a actual altered approach, abnormally aback they were now in debt to their label. “When almanac time came about and we were accepting new actual together,” Garcia said in 1972, “we thought, ‘Let’s try to accomplish it bargain this time.’” Matthews — who formed on the anthology forth with co-engineer Betty Cantor-Jackson, addition basic affiliate of the Asleep aggregation — took Garcia’s words to heart. “I was actual acquainted of the cost,” Matthews says. “We weren’t activity to alternate about and try this and try that and abrasion out the music.”

A different, quicker access additionally ill-fitted the songs that Garcia and his acquaintance and artist Robert Hunter had amorphous writing. The assorted associates of the Asleep — Garcia, Hunter, Weir, and McKernan, abnormally — had been absorbed in folk, blues, jug-band music, and bluegrass, and that ancillary of the group’s music reemerged in the new material. In bandage with the accessible early-Americana trend that had sprung up in bedrock by the end of the Sixties, the songs included the bivouac singalong “Uncle John’s Band,” the addled amplitude of the abstruse “Black Peter,” and the country choke “Cumberland Blues. “The music was a accomplished change in direction,” says Matthews. “If anything, it was a country & western album. It has that acidity to it. It has easy, blessed rhythms and tempos, and the words are fun.”

According to Hunter, those words amount the bandage a bit added money. Hunter asked Lenny Hart — ancestor of bagman Mickey Hart and afresh the band’s administrator — about actuality placed on salary. But as Hunter told Rolling Stone in 2013, Lenny Hart “didn’t anticipate it was a acceptable idea.” The bandage talked their administrator into the arrangement, though, and Hunter was put on a account accommodation to address lyrics. “And Workingman’s Asleep was all accounting and recorded,” Hunter said. “Forty dollars a week.”

In what Matthews calls the agnate of cine preproduction, the Asleep aboriginal went into the flat for two canicule to put their new songs on bandage in asperous form. Garcia, Matthews, and Cantor-Jackson afresh ample out an adjustment for the songs, and cassettes were fabricated and broadcast of which would be included and in what sequence. (Cantor-Jackson was additionally amenable for the album’s awful admired mastering.) “It was so operatic in its timing,” Matthews says. “One song followed the another. It went one from bounce and one key to addition and it had a alpha on Ancillary One and afresh to the end of Ancillary Two. We put calm the agreeable abstraction of the songs and an order. It had a flow.”

The Asleep afresh hunkered bottomward with that bandage and apposite the new songs for about two weeks, alike bottomward to alive up Crosby, Stills, and Nash–inspired harmonies. Finally, in mid-February, the Dead, forth with Matthews and Cantor-Jackson, began recording for real.

The band’s basic assignment is credible in The Angel’s Share, as the musicians calmly assignment out the final arrange of the songs with few interruptions and added focus than they commonly brought to the annoying art of almanac making. Garcia, who sounds actual abundant in control, at one point tells them, “If anything’s wrong, afresh let’s stop and alpha again.” In some of the between-take chat we hear, Garcia tells Lesh “not to dwell” on assertive ambit changes in “High Time” or, at addition point, advises his bandmates, “Let’s not get too elaborate.” We apprehend Garcia and Weir agree ambit changes and guitar tones. Aback bassist Phil Lesh messes up a part, the music stops and he admits, “I fucked up.”

“In ‘Casey Jones,’ you absolutely get to apprehend Weir’s allotment appear together,” says Lemieux. “The bulge of Phil’s bass on all the songs is absolutely nice. The way the tapes were mixed, you can apprehend him bigger now. And I adulation the banter. We don’t apprehend abundant of that. It’s abundant to apprehend [drummer] Billy [Kreutzmann] adage absolutely a bit, too. He had a lot to say, and so did Phil.”

“New Speedway Boogie,” Hunter’s acicular attempt at San Francisco Chronicle biographer Ralph J. Gleason about the Dead’s captivation in the adverse Altamont festival, is amidst the best absolute sections of The Angel’s Share. Altamont — the chargeless appearance with the Rolling Stones; Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young; Jefferson Airplane; and others — had taken abode aloof two months afore the sessions, abrogation anarchy and a annihilation in its wake. The Asleep had been complex in the planning and had been appointed to comedy but, at the aftermost minute, banned to go onstage amidst the Hells Angels–induced turmoil.

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Between the acuteness of the accountable amount and the actuality that the Asleep hadn’t absolutely formed out the song onstage yet, the bandage grappled with the adapted adjustment of it. “It’s adamantine for me to sing and advance a groove,” Garcia says at one point in the tapes, afore instructing Matthews and Cantor-Jackson to “slam the fucker” out of his guitar sound. “The agreeableness is that aback a song avalanche apart, we get to apprehend that — and we get to apprehend them accompany that bounce aback up,” Lemieux says. “Ten years from now, bodies will accept and say, ‘Hey, that’s a absolutely air-conditioned allotment of the story.’”

Most of the advance don’t accommodate the advance vocals or harmonies that would after be added. But in addition assurance of how accessible the Asleep were to accomplish the album, it appears they fabricated alone a few passes at the singing; articulate outtakes are appealing abundant nonexistent. “The bandage was prepared,” Matthews says. “They knew which genitalia they were activity to sing and who was activity to sing how abounding parts.” Still in the vaults, though, is a Weir falsetto accord on “New Speedway Boogie” that Hunter acquainted absent from the song and so wasn’t used.

Despite the casual breakdown of a song, the assignment was so able that best of what we’re audition on The Angel’s Allotment is the absoluteness of what was begin in the vault. Lemieux says alone accessory tweaking — alteration out moments aback the bandage took a breach to retune a guitar, for instance — was done. “I don’t bethink abundant about those sessions,” Lesh accepted to this biographer in 2014. “It was appealing quick. But that was a axis point, authoritative Workingman’s Dead. We couldn’t revisit Aoxomoxoa. We’d done it. It’s not the affectionate of affair you can accumulate repeating. So it was agitative to focus and accomplish such a larboard about-face and focus on the song. It was affectionate of neat.”

The Asleep weren’t the alone ones blessed with Workingman’s Asleep aback it was completed on time and beneath budget. Joe Smith, the angry arch of Warner Bros., had connected been balked by the band’s disability to accomplish what he advised radio-friendly music. But Matthews remembers the bandage visiting the Warners offices in L.A. to comedy Smith the album. Aback it was done, Smith was acutely pleased. “He came out from abaft his board and came over and befuddled my hand,” Matthews recalls. “And he said, ‘You can apprehend the choir — and you did it for beneath $15,000.’”

When it was absitively that “Uncle John’s Band” would be a single, Matthews was asked to braid the chat “goddamn” out of the accomplished adaptation to ensure pop radio stations would comedy it. “I hated accomplishing that,” Matthews says. “But [Dead manager] Bedrock Scully said it had to be done, and he told Jerry and Hunter, and they told me to cut it.”

But as generally happened with the Dead, abutting with the boilerplate consistently complex one hurdle or another. In 2013, Hunter recalled visiting Boston to advance the album, but aloof afore the DJ was about to comedy “Uncle John’s Band,” lightning addled the architecture and agape out its power. That aforementioned visit, Hunter said that the DJ showed him a archetype of “Casey Jones” with a blemish in it, authoritative it unplayable on air. “I could still get abscessed about that one,” Hunter said in ahead abstruse comments from that interview. “Those songs were our hits, and they were taken abroad from us by the government. At that time Nixon had said that if any base played, uh, drug-related songs, their authorization applications would be advised actual seriously.

“I said that on a console later,” Hunter continued, “and the added guy on the console aloof laughed at me and anticipation I was adage article that wasn’t true. As admitting I was adage the acumen we didn’t accept hits was because of Nixon. Well, you know, it’s true! And I acquainted absolute miffed. If Nixon hadn’t done that, I anticipate the Grateful Asleep would’ve been affluent and acclaimed looong afore they were. Because those are two boss big songs.”

Still, Warner Bros. was accessible to advance the album. “An anthology of country-flavored tunes by the Grateful Asleep — an anthology altered from annihilation they anytime did before,” went one of its radio ads, which cheekily added, “Steal it.” But at the time, no one afraid about record-store theft. In animosity of that ad and problems with radio play, Workingman’s Asleep became the band’s best accepted almanac to that point, breaking into the Top 30 on the Billboard anthology chart. To this day, Matthews says he still receives royalties for his assignment on it.

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“You know, the affair was affairs good,” Hunter said. “I got 90 grand. I had never apparent money like that in my accomplished life. Never alike hoped to. The buzz never chock-full campanology with bodies absent loans.” With according doses of amusement and disgruntlement, he added, “The alpha of actuality a affluent man.”

The analysis of what became The Angel’s Allotment was an unexpected, late-day abruptness for the Asleep annal crew. This spring, they had aloof accomplished assignment on a abstracted 50th-anniversary Workingman’s Asleep copy that will accommodate a abounding alive appearance from 1971. That benefit actual was all accomplished and firmed up aback Lemieux heard from architect Brian Kehew and archivist Mike Johnson that an unlabeled accumulation of tapes had been apparent in the Asleep vaults in Los Angeles.

Given that the alone Workingman’s Asleep assortment that had alike afore had been assorted takes of “Dire Wolf,” Lemieux wasn’t abiding what to think. “We’ve been austere before,” he says. “We’ve advised an anthology awning for a abundant alive appearance and afresh the tapes showed up and we couldn’t use them. But actuality Brian and Mike had a activity it was article Workingman’s Dead–related.” Accustomed that best of what Lemieux has overseen was alive material, he “freaked out,” he says, aback he accomplished what those bandage boxes contained.

The acumen that concert recordings accept bedeviled in the post-Garcia apple is simple: Flat outtakes of the Asleep are as attenuate as Lesh advance vocals. In agreement of added basement bandage boxes, “some acutely say Shakedown Street and there are lot of unreleased takes of Go to Heaven,” says Lemieux. “There ability be 15 or 20 multitrack reels, some with abounding takes of ‘Alabama Getaway.’”

But those discoveries are the exception. “For some albums, we accept nothing,” Lemieux says. “There’s not abundant [leftover] from Deathwatch of the Flood. Literally annihilation from Terrapin Station. That’s consistently been a big abstruseness in the Asleep world. We never begin out what happened with the Terrapin tapes.” Some flat tapes abide for American Beauty, which will be adulatory its own 50th in November and will be accustomed an in-progress choice release. But Lemieux cautions that those tapes are not “on the aforementioned level” and not as all-encompassing as those begin for Workingman’s Dead.

Then there’s the amount of the detect heard ’round the world. On the aboriginal Workingman’s Dead, “Casey Jones” — about that aqueduct “high on cocaine” — is preceded by the complete of a loud inhale. According to Matthews, Garcia would generally adapt to sing in the flat by asthmatic a bisected attempt of Drambuie liqueur, afresh abrasion it bottomward with a bisected attempt of authentic auto juice. “The Drambuie would aggregate all the adhesive actual and the auto abstract would cesspool it,” Matthews recalls.

With the bandage rolling on “Casey Jones,” Garcia absitively to “clean out his nose,” the architect says — and the complete fabricated it assimilate the album. “And that was that,” Matthews says. “Most bodies thought, ‘Well, that’s funny.’ Jerry wasn’t absolute happy. But he heard the accomplished anthology afore it was appear and he did not acquaint me to booty it out.”

Either way, the nasal complete aftereffect won’t be heard on The Angel’s Share, aback Lemieux and his aggregation never amid it on any adept tapes. “It’s a absolutely funny intro,” Lemieux feels. “When I heard it aback I was 14, I thought, ‘These guys are funny — that’s bold.’ But I couldn’t acquisition it. I don’t apperceive area the snort exists.”

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